Introduction of Gastric problems.

girl sleeping with gas pain

I’m sure you came to read this article cause you are suffering from gastric problems. Let me tell you how to relieve gas fast and positions to relieve gas fast.

Before going to that, let us know who is facing it. Elders mainly suffer from this problem. Lately, youngsters also started having this problem. Can you guess why this issue you are facing?


Don’t guess much, I’m here to answer you.

Reasons for Gastric problems.

There are basically 3 main reasons for gastric problems. Let us enlist them:

1. Irregular Intake of Food.

Man Eating Irregularly. ( Reason For Gas trouble)

How many of you do people eat at regular intervals? If I said raise your hand, maybe none of the hands were raised (lol). I know you are busy people and don’t have a particular time to eat food. But does your stomach knows that thing? Hydrochloric Acid gets released by our stomach at regular intervals to get the food digested. So if you are left with an empty stomach, Hcl acid will be released at a particular interval at the time you eat daily. Hence you feel gassy. So please try to eat at regular intervals.

2. Intake of Improper food.

Eating Junk Food ( Reason for gastric problem)

When eating in an irregular interval that too an improper food, isn’t it called double injury? Maybe yes. Try to eat healthy foods which provide you both calorie and nutrition values. I agree, that we can’t live without eating high-calorie junk foods like Pizza, burgers, French fries, Sandwich, etc. But I suggest you eat in a limited manner and that too in a regular interval.

I personally suggest you eat cherries which are very good for functioning at the time of gas pains.

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3. When you are Inactive.

Staying Inactive

Most of the people work by sitting. They use a laptop, write notes, play games, and watch TV. When you sit daily in a fixed position without any physical work, the digestion of the food you eat gets slow and results in the form of gasses. I suggest you take a gap and roam somewhere every 2-hour intervals.

Positions to Relieve Gas

Here are the 8 positions you can do to relieve gas:

1. Vajra Asana

Vajra Asana - To Relieve Gas

I can say that this position works best for you to relieve gas fastly. It really works very effectively. But it was quite harder to bend your knees and sit. However, you can do any of the positions listed below.

2. Plank Position.

Plank - To Relieve Gas

This actually works to burn fat and also build abs. It can also help to relieve gas as it will keep high pressure on your abdomen. Plank is a position where you lay on the ground just by the support of your toes and elbow keeping your head straight to the front.

3. Child Yoga Pose

Child pose - To Relieve Gas

The child yoga pose is another position you can do to relieve gas. It was a bit easy compared to the above positions. When we do it in this way our abdomen gets a lot of pressure from outside. It releases gas so that we will start to bloat or pass gas in other forms.

4. Hand to Feet Position.

Hand To Feet Pose - To Relieve Gas

By doing this, there will be a pressure on your legs and abdomen which relieves gas. The hand to feet pose should be done by keeping your legs straight without a small bend. It gives you great results in your gastric problems.

5. Seated Forward Bend Pose

Seated Forward Bend Pose

This is quite similar to the above position. But the above Hand to Feet position is performed in standing whereas this can be performed by sitting. But the stress was the same. It also was a good position to relieve gas for the stomach.

6. Seated Spinal Twist Pose

Seated Spinal Twist Pose

Seated Spinal Twist is a pose where your spinal cord will be twisted for a few seconds. It was helpful to relieve gas from any other areas including your abdomen area and also chest area.

7. Camel Pose

Camel Pose - To Relieve Gas

Camel pose is a little tough pose but quite works effectively. Here every part of your body gets stretched so that the gas relief was done completely.

8. Cat-Cow Pose.

Cat- Cow Pose - To Relieve Gas

So finally, the last position is here. Cat-Cow Pose is an easy position among all of the above. It looks like a child playing on the bed. But it was also one of the great exercises to workout our body. It helps you by the movement of your abdomen and chest part. So that you can easily relieve gas.

Conclusion – Do These Regularly To Relieve Gas

I hope this article helps you to in solving your gastric problems and relieves gas. I suggest you do these positions regularly so that you can easily get out of gastric problems.

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