Introduction To Laziness

Have you ever felt that you are being lazy? Or have you ever being sleepy and tired all the day? If yes, you should definitely go through this article. Because it surely helps you to Overcome Laziness.

Do you think it’s hard to overcome laziness? No it is not. But a bit of dedication and determination are inherent things for overcoming laziness.


Let’s go through step wise why we do we need to overcome laziness and how we can overcome laziness.

Why Do We Need To Overcome Laziness?

Lets enlist 2 main reasons why do we need to Overcome Laziness:

1. To Be Healthy

Health Girl ( Why We Need To Overcome Laziness)

How fit are you? At least, can you do your own stuff? or hiring others to do your work? In this internet world, people are losing their activeness as they are working by just sitting in front of a computer or a laptop.

This makes your muscles irresponsive and slowly you going to get all common diseases like blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid etc.

Giving at least a little amount of workout for body is necessary and you should not avoid it. How can you be healthy if you are lazy? This is the first main reason why we need to Overcome Laziness.

2. To Be Successful

Successful Guy ( Why we need to Overcome Laziness)

I haven’t seen any person who is successful without hard work and dedication. Don’t believe if any one mentioned that success is easy. Cause they are lying.

Success doesn’t knock your door unless and until you strive hard “.

So, if you are dumped with Laziness, how come you would be successful?

Overcome Laziness

Here are the 10 ways to Overcome Laziness :

1. Sleep Early Wake Up Early

Girl Sleeping Early and woke up early. ( Overcome Laziness)

Sleeping late at night for about 12 AM and waking up at 10 AM had became a common sleep schedule for every one. This makes you more lazy as you are taking irregular sleep.

When you sleep early at 9 PM and wake up early at 5 AM, you will feel more energized and motivated. As you can have more time to work and doesn’t feel lazy.

Keep a regular sleep schedule and try not to miss that. It helps you to be more active instead of being lazy.

2. Have a Sport or Workout

Guy Working Out ( Overcome Laziness)

After you wake up early, play a sport or do some workouts which suits you or which are capable for you to do.

When we play a sport or have a workout, our nerves and muscles get some pressure and they will be activated.

Now you are completely active in the morning itself. No need to do them for hours, just half an hour to one hour of sport or workout is more than enough for our body.

3. Make a To Do List

To Do List (Overcome Laziness)

What happens when you have a bunch of things to do? You will work more fast and give less time to relax. What if you don’t keep in mind of every work you need to do? You just forget them and stay lazy remaining day and remember them the next day. Then you feel burden.

In order to work smarter, you can simply prepare a TO Do list and check off every task you have done. This makes things easy and you don’t have a chance to forgot them. And this helps you from being lazy.

4. Have A Tea Or Coffee

Girl Refreshing With Coffee ( Overcome Laziness)

When you are continuously working for hours, you may feel tired. To help you with this, you can take refresher like a Tea or Coffee as a refreshment to your body.

I personally prefer Coffee as i’m a Coffee lover. This is just like a pain killer and as well as refresher.

5. Maintain a Wrist Watch

Guy Maintaining a Wrist Watch ( Can Overcome Laziness)

I know we all use smart phones. But, we mostly don’t check time from it. Instead, there is lot of chance to get distracted from it while you work, as mobile alerts you notifications. You will automatically distract by checking them, watching YouTube, Netflix etc.

If we have wrist watch it can be eye catchy for us and we will automatically look at it.

This makes us to see the time and as well as it alerts us to finish the remaining work as of time. It can be used as a perfect reminder for us when we sit lazily seeing surroundings, it will be make you see through it and the time.

I personally suggest you to maintain a wrist watch for time management. Here is the Best Wrist Watch I can recommend you.

6. Divide Your Tasks

Dividing Tasks ( Can Overcome Laziness)

If you are doing multiple tasks in a day, you might get confused and mix doing things when you don’t have a proper schedule. This isn’t a way for effective work which makes you tired so easy and you will not be able to work anymore that day.

In order to sort it out, you should divide your tasks first. Later, you should prioritize them accordingly. Don’t think about the second task, unless you complete the first one. When you think about it, you might not be able to do the first task effectively and become lazy all the day.

I strongly recommend you to prioritize your tasks and do the single task effectively. Later you can move to the next one.

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7. The 50-10 Rule

50/10 Rule (Can Overcome Laziness)

Have you ever heard of this 50-10 Rule? Let me explain you with this. What happens when you continuously work for 2-4 hours? You will definitely get tired and become lazy to complete the remaining work hours.

This 50-10 Rule was popular as it has given the best results. It’s simple, you should work hardly for 50 Minutes and for the next Ten minutes you should take rest. Trust, me this will be more effective than working for 2-4 hours and taking 1 hour rest.

8. Go Ahead With Your Interests

Girl Listening Music (Her Interest)

When you feel tired or lazy, and you are not able to work any more, instead of spending time you can do what ever you are interested in. This might stop your work but at least helps your mood swing.

Better go for a walk, listen music, stretch out whatever, you are interested in. Just go ahead with your interests. May be, working on interests is better than doing things that goes wrong.

9. Take A Short Nap If Needed

Girl Taking Short Nap

If you are too stressed and you are not able to do your work anymore or either you interests, just go to your room and take short nap (A short sleep). Cause, at that time our body really requires some rest. If we neglect that, our health will be damaged. Nothing is worth to Health. Correct?

Give Priority to your health, later everything.

10. Refresh With Bath

Child Taking Bath

Bathing gives us the relaxation as well as pleasure. If you are lazy, it means your are negatively charged with ions. To bring back positiveness, you can take a warm shower and get charged positively.

Water has the ability to refresh your body and mind at a time. Trust me, you will feel good after doing this. Bath will help you to Overcome Laziness very quickly.

Conclusion – Trust And Patience

These 10 ways will work for sure for you. Trust me and do them.

I know that “easier said than done”. Yeah, you can say, that it’s not easy that I said. Well, it takes time to become as a habit. Try continuously for 21 days. It will turn into a habit.

All you need is Patience and Trust on yourself. You need to Believe in you to make this happen. Learn to be patient. Never Lose Trust on yourself, it leads to distraction.

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Hope you like this article, share this to your friends and family members so that they can know learn ” How To Overcome Laziness?”.

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